One Down, One to Go

Made the final “big” payment on Credit Card #1 — $700. That sucker is DONE. No more paying interest to you, Capital One. I’m not dealing with your crap when your rate increases from 10.9% to 17.9% in a few months, even though I have a credit score over 800.

Nuh-uh. You are HISTORY.

Well, except for […]

Insulation is Up!

We are so close to just needing to sheetrock the walls. I put up most of the insulation on Monday before work, with just 2/3 of the roof rafters left to be covered. Then we can clean up the extra wood and mess we made and prepare for sheetrocking!

The windows are in, and we can […]

Don’t Stress: Get Prepared for Tax Time

“Nothing is certain but death and taxes.” 
— Benjamin Franklin

It’s getting close to the most dreaded time of year for most folks: Tax time. April 15 will be here before you know it. Will you be prepared, or will you be scrambling to locate every last receipt and scrap of paper?

For us, tax time means one […]

Looking Forward to Payday…

…because that means evil Credit Card #1 is thisclose to getting the kiss-off!

Mr. Saver and I are both getting paid on Friday, which means I can pay the rest of the balance on CC #1 in full. I’m so anxious to make the payment that I feel like a little kid on Christmas.

That will […]

The Great American Cabinet Cleanout – Scam?

When I finally got around to clipping grocery coupons from last Sunday’s paper,I found a banner going across many of the pages, declaring “The Great American Cabinet Cleanout!”

Wow. What a gimmick!

The idea is that the first of the year is a time not only for New Year’s resolutions and goal-setting, but also time to clean […]

Apple "Tablet": What Affect Will It Have On Media Consumption?

I’ve been hearing a lot about the new Apple “tablet” — the iTablet? — a product that may or may not be coming to a retailer near you. I’m not even sure if it exists, and Apple isn’t tipping its hand — yet. There are rumors of an announcement at the end of the month. […]

Saturday Link Love

It’s been nice to have a work schedule that’s back to normal — well, as normal as it can get in my industry! As always, my fellow personal finance bloggers outdid themselves with thought-provoking posts. Here’s a sampling of the week’s best:

PF Posts that Piqued My InterestOver at A Gai Shan Life, Revanche talks about […]

Paying Down the Mortgage: Another View

In response to a particular point on my 2010 goals post — my aim to pay more money toward the principal on our mortgage each month — an acquaintance of mine posed a question: Why not take the extra $50 monthly that would go toward the mortgage principal and invest it instead? Surely we could […]

How to Save $2,700: Cutting Back on the Small Stuff

Sure, you’ve heard about how to save money on the big stuff — cars, mortgages, utilities, cable bills. Don’t get me wrong, though, I wholeheartedly advocate cutting expenses where you can — for instance, there’s no need to pay $150 a month for cable and Internet when you can get a promotional rate for $100.


Guest Post Over at Canadian Finance

I’d love it if you’d all head over to Canadian Finance, a great blog with a lot of sound personal finance advice. While you’re over there, check out my guest post, “What’s Yours Is Mine: Consolidating Your Debts After Marriage.” Thanks to Tom for the opportunity.

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