Saturday Link Love

It’s been nice to have a work schedule that’s back to normal — well, as normal as it can get in my industry! As always, my fellow personal finance bloggers outdid themselves with thought-provoking posts. Here’s a sampling of the week’s best:

PF Posts that Piqued My Interest
Over at A Gai Shan Life, Revanche talks about Furniture Shopping on Craigslist — something I’ve been thinking about. Reuse, recycle AND save money!

J. Money at Budgets Are Sexy gives an overview of the “Move Your Money” Movement. I’m already in a community bank, and the improved customer service alone makes it worthwhile.

Forest on Finance buys himself and his wife a belated Christmas present in Our New TV. He gets a great deal and the first thing he does is watch Buffy!

Mrs. Money doesn’t get instant satisfaction, so she says in I Can’t Bring Myself to Pay Extra on the Mortgage. Another view of paying extra toward the principal.

An Ambulance Screams By — Do You Feel Happy or Sad at Financial Samurai asks if readers had an “a-ha” moment that changed their way of looking at things. Sort of a glass half-full or half-empty scenario.

Contests & Awards = Prizes!
Nominations for the first-ever Plutus Awards are underway. Through THIS MONDAY, vote for your personal finance favorites (products, banks, blogs) over at the Plutus Awards website. Rainy-Day Saver is sponsoring a $25 prize for Best Frugality Blog.

Money Crashers has come up with the 2010 New Year Giveaway Bash, with more than $6,200 in prizes pledged so far! Cash, gift cards and products are all being offered as prizes. Rainy-Day Saver is a proud sponsor.

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