We’ve Got Windows! The Glass Kind, Not the OS

It’s still a half-gutted room, but we’re making progress. Today, they came to install the windows! Three guys from the company I went with showed up and within 40 minutes, removed the old windows and installed the new ones.
We went with this particular company, Gild -n- Son in Kearny, because they had the best prices, and a friend of mine from work recommended them. The windows — double hung, Low-E glass, double pane — cost $203 each, plus $85 installation. They’re plain Jane style, but that’s okay — they’ll eventually be covered with window treatments of some sort.
So for two, it cost $577. Half was paid three weeks ago at the time of the order, and the other half was paid today. We paid by check, not credit card — go us! Of course, I briefly thought, “Hey, we can put in the windows ourselves and save $170 bucks, no?” But then I came to my senses!

The good thing is that we’ll get an energy credit of 30% of the $403 window cost ($403), so the cost was even cheaper in the end. I had priced out a few other places, but they wanted $400 per window, including installation, rather than $285. It was a no-brainer, especially with the recommendation from my co-worker.

The holidays totally messed with our progress in the room, though. I put up some insulation, finally, but need someone who’s not scared to go higher than the second rung of the ladder to run the insulation up to the roof peak. I’m all good with the lower part, since we still have original pitch of the roof on the one side of the room (we have a Cape Cod with an almost-full rear shed dormer).

It’s really nice to see everything coming along. We do need to put up a few nailers (pieces of wood) so the sheetrock can be hung correctly, and one more ceiling beam has to be put up. But those are jobs for the menfolk! And we’ll actually need to GET the sheetrock to the house. That will be a pain in the ass.

Back on the first floor, I still need to paint the moldings in one last room — the office. Wish I had thought to do this when we moved in, because I now have bookcases full of books blocking some of the molding. I suppose they’ll have to be cleared for the time being in order to move them away from the walls.
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