Ever Feel Like You Can’t Get Ahead?

Have you ever felt like you’re treading water — taking one step forward, only to fall two steps back? That’s how I feel this week. I have yet to balance my checkbook, have a load of laundry I tossed in the washer earlier today that I’ve just now remembered has to go in the dryer (and other clothes to fold and put away), and our home office is a wreck because I started painting the trim today, after a few months’ hiatus. Our upstairs room still needs drywall, but we’re still sitting on our hands on that, too.

I’d like to get ahead on blogging and bank a few posts, but I haven’t had time to do that, either. I am jealous of bloggers who have a nice reserve, like Fabulously Broke in the City — that girl says she’s got a backload of posts that will last her through October, bless her.

Our bedroom looks like an adolescent boy’s — an unmade bed, pajamas on the floor, “stuff” littering the top of the dresser. The bathrooms could use more thorough scrubbing, and the floors need to be mopped. The leg of our 10-year-old coffee table broke and is being held together with duct tape. The cordless phone is crackling and on its last legs.

So I definitely feel like I can’t get ahead lately. But being “ahead” sometimes comes at the expense of fun and relaxation. I’ve been able to enjoy my new laptop and catch up on reading and commenting on my favorite blogs, read a few books and hung out with friends. I’ve watched TV and movies with my husband — those who know me well realize what an accomplishment it is for me to sit still in front of the boob tube for more than 15 minutes at a time.

I’m still going grocery shopping and making meals. The Mr. Saver and the cats are all getting much of my attention these days. I’m relaxed and in a good place.

The other things will get done in their own time. At least for now, I’m living in the moment.

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  • Wow, I needed this! I’ve been saying I can’t get ahead for the past few weeks and in a total slump- but I’m able to relax every night, hang out with my boyfriend and friends, exercise and do all this other stuff I’m taking for granted. Great post.

  • This post sounds like how I feel for weeks at a time, more often than I’d care to admit. I get into these funks, though, and one of the things that helps me get out of them is to force myself to get the chores (literal and metaphorical) out of the way however possible.

    It’s the same as saving money…you give up some luxuries in the present under the assumption that you’ll have room for them in your life in the future: I give up my daily fix of obsessive news reading in order to do a load of laundry, and suddenly the laundry isn’t weighing on my conscience any more; I turn off the TV and turn on the computer to do some writing; and exercise is the one thing I’ll desperately avoid doing until I absolutely force myself to…but I always feel so much better when it’s done.

    Anyway, since you have no idea who I am (hi! I’m Justin!), I’ll stop talking about this now. One last point: I’d turn to the cats for some motivation; they always know how to help. (Mine are very good at motivating me to clean the carpets.)

  • RainyDaySaver

    @Evan: I've been writing a lot of posts the night before — I work much better under pressure.

  • Evan

    I am not sure it will make you feel better, but I literally write my posts the night before and finish editing them in the morning. I am the worst, but for me this blogging thing is a hobby, and the moment it overtakes my life is the moment I'll quit.

    On a more serious note, I often feel like my savings isn't increasing as fast as it should and it makes me feel like I am failing.

    It helps to write it out sometimes!

  • RainyDaySaver

    @EOW: *I* think blogging is supposed to be fun, anyway. I don't look at it as a business. I also make notes about subjects that I'm interested in, and write blog posts accordingly.

  • Evolution Of Wealth

    I find scheduling and prioritizing to help me the best especially when I get behind. As for blog posts, I have notes jotted down but only write when inspiration strikes. Blogging is suppose to be fun, right?

  • RainyDaySaver

    @Jeff: lol! I've realized that the main problem is that my freelancing is taking up a lot of time for chores.

    @FB: I have ideas, too, but I could never get ahead 10 months on posts like you have. 😉

    @TP & David: I don't have children (yet), but I know from my friends that parenting is quite time-involved (and fulfilling). Sometimes, you just need to let other things fall by the wayside in order to focus on your kids!

  • David @ MBA briefs

    I can definitely sympathize, I'm a single dad with 3 kids at home and they make messes quicker than I can clean them up. I've never been able to get more than one post ahead because I spend too much time researching and revising. You are definitely not alone!

  • TP

    I love the feeling of being ahead! With two little kiddos, I feel like I never get ahead. As soon as the workday is done, I am playing with them or prepping dinner, than after dinner we play then they go to bed, by the time we clean up dinner and talk for a few minutes, its bedtime for us! Phew. I haven't felt ahead in a few months! thanks for the fun post.

  • FB @ FabulouslyBroke.com

    Well.. I just have too much to write about in my head, and I just can't stop.

    Getting ahead is really just one step at a time.

  • Jeff

    HaHa Lazy-Day Saver

    We all go through this phase, I just hope mine doesn't come for at least another year. I've go too much to do… Yeah, I say that as I'm sitting on the couch watching DVRed 24 while my sick wife is sleeping and the kids are in bed.
    I'm the lazy one right now.

    Feels good doesn't it 🙂

  • RainyDaySaver

    @Jessie: "Slogging through" is exactly what I've been doing, in more ways than one, considering the snow! =)

    @transitionyourlife: Today isn't so bad — I've just put off some chores in order to do things that are more pleasing to me. I don't think it's necessarily a bad thing — the stuff will get done, eventually.

    @eemusings: I'd rather not write at all than try to post five days a week. I'm sure I could come up with more post ideas, but I haven't had time lately to really get the gears turning.

    @LittleHouse: A two-week cold? Bummer! I didn't think people in Cali got colds, haha. 😉 I am enjoying myself, as much as time allows, and there's nothing wrong with it at all. I encourage everyone to enjoy some down time!

  • Little House

    I'm also impressed with FB having posts all the way through October, wow! I'm not nearly that organized. I totally understand that not getting ahead feeling, I'm behind on a bunch of things as well. My wicked cold that has lasted two weeks isn't helping matters much! ARGH. However, it sounds like you are enjoying your down time, and that's what counts.

  • eemusings

    Sometimes life gets in the way of blogging, but blogging aint everything. I go through times where I write a week or two of posts, and then droughts where I write nothing for ages…

  • transitionyourlife

    Sometimes life is unproductive. Even when we think we must be able to do something, other things get in the way.

    I think accepting this today, and knowing tomorrow will be better is a good way to look at this.

  • Jessie

    wow – until October! I'm impressed with myself If I can right enought to last a week!

    it'll come together in time Rainy…just keep slogging through