Valentine’s Day: Money Can’t Buy Me Love

Valentine’s Day? Pfft. It’s a total scam. You go crazy trying to find the most outlandish ways to demonstrate your love — two dozen roses, the biggest box of candy you can find, diamonds (the jewelry commercials this time of year make me want to upchuck). “Spend all of your money!”

It well-deserves the “Hallmark […]

Doing Your Research: Tax Credits and Deductions

It took two hours, six forms and just as many instruction booklets for us to do our 2009 taxes. Gone are the days of the 1040EZ forms with just a W-2 and a few 1099s to deal with. Oh, no. Buying a house has advanced us in the world of taxes. We’re now allowed to […]

Saturday Link Love: No Snow Edition

HISTORIC! PARALYZING! The snowstorm of a generation! 

Man, I wish I was a meteorologist (one of the 10 career tracks I considered in high school), just so I could get paid to make educated guesses. The very large snowstorm that pummeled the eastern half of the U.S. was little more than a whimper here in North […]

Are You a Leader — or Part of the Supporting Cast?

It seems that nowadays, everything and everyone gets classified under neat little headings. Black, white, Hispanic. Democrat or Republican. Pro-this, anti-that.There are those in the forefront creating change, and those in the background.

To be sure, there are other categories, but in the working world, two stand out: leaders and supporters.

There are the leaders, who bring […]

Remembering Woolworth’s

While doing research for a story the other day, I came across a reference to Woolworth’s , and it made me remember how much fun my I had in that store as a kid. It was one of the original five-and-dime stores, known for highly discounted products, and later, its lunch counter, where milkshakes, malts […]

Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late: Cut Back Now on Spending

Many people wait until they find themselves in financial trouble due to a layoff at work or a salary cut to really take a hard look at their spending habits. But isn’t that closing the barn door after the horse is gone?

This is why it’s important to become PROACTIVE, rather than REACTIVE, when it comes […]

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