Saturday Link Love: No Snow Edition

HISTORIC! PARALYZING! The snowstorm of a generation! 

Man, I wish I was a meteorologist (one of the 10 career tracks I considered in high school), just so I could get paid to make educated guesses. The very large snowstorm that pummeled the eastern half of the U.S. was little more than a whimper here in North Jersey. There’s not a speck of new snow to be seen. While we grownups are mostly happy that there’s none of the white stuff to deal with this Super Bowl weekend, I know more than a few little kids who woke up very disappointed this morning!

I realize I’ve skipped a Fix-it Friday post already (it’s only week two), but I’m going to wait until I try to install a digital thermostat next week. Could be catastrophic or wonderful — only time will tell.

After dinner with friends to celebrate a few birthdays tonight, it will be a lean week in the Rainy-Day Saver household, due to the major payments put toward the CC this month. We’ll also hopefully be doing our taxes this weekend — the sooner we do them, the sooner we get our good-sized refund. I’ve estimated about $10,000, so we’ll see what the actual numbers are. That money will be going to finishing off the balance on CC #2, with the rest padding our somewhat-anemic emergency fun, which only would cover about two months’ worth of expenses at this point.

This Week’s Web Mentions
Cash Money Life included my post “Protecting Privacy in the Information Age” in the Carnival of Personal Financ #242 — Fun Tax Facts.

Posts that Intrigued Me
A Gai Shan Life’s Dementia in the Family: The Long Road to Nowhere, a touching post about how Revanche and her dad struggle to deal with her mother’s dementia.

There’s a lively discussion over at Consumerism Commentary’s post, Which Should You Pay First: Credit Cards or Mortgage? with readers divided into two camps on this topic.

Credit Card Strategery is a look at why the Executioner at Death to the Mortgage prefers credit cards over debit cards.

Over at Girl With the Red Balloon, In the Red: What Happens When Bankruptcy Doesn’t Work is a personal story about the dilemma faced by Red’s grandmother.

As always, Financial Samurai poses another controversial question: Do “C” Students Deserve a “A” Lifestyles? Is there a correlation between grades and later success?

5 comments to Saturday Link Love: No Snow Edition

  • Little House

    I have to say that snow is foreign to me. I've been enjoying the sunshine and even missed the SoCal rain this weekend while in AZ. Sunny skies is all I see.

  • RainyDaySaver

    @Financial Samurai: Sunny and 34 degrees here today — you'd never think there's 20"-plus of snow on the ground! Thanks for the retweet.

  • Financial Samurai

    Can't believe there was just a lil bit of snow in Northern NJ! All I see on TV is "Snowmageddon".. which is so strange since it's sunny here in SF with no clouds. It is a chilly 50 degrees though… brrr! Donno why 50 degrees feels like freezing whether here, when obviously it's not.

    Thanks for the highlight! I have retweeted it.



  • RainyDaySaver

    Red: You are welcome.

    What I don't understand — most anyone will live a few days without having a few days' worth of bread or milk. So, really? How is it you will not be able to eat without milk? for a few days? =(

    If you don't have heat/electricity, then I understand.

  • Red

    Thanks for including my post! 🙂

    We had a similar situation with snow last weekend when it was predicted the snow storm would dump nine inches on us. Grocery stores had record sales, and many were completely out of bread because of people who apparently thought they'd be stuck inside for weeks. (One woman I saw had eight loaves of bread in her cart!) It snowed, but it was more like three inches. Poor meteorologists… They won't live this one down for a while!