Valentine’s Day: Money Can’t Buy Me Love

Valentine’s Day? Pfft. It’s a total scam. You go crazy trying to find the most outlandish ways to demonstrate your love — two dozen roses, the biggest box of candy you can find, diamonds (the jewelry commercials this time of year make me want to upchuck). “Spend all of your money!”

It well-deserves the “Hallmark holiday” moniker it’s acquired in recent years.

Before you crazy romantics jump all over me, I’m really not a stick-in-the-mud — I swear! I just choose practicality over grand gestures. It’s the little things that mean the most to me. I’d rather take a ride down to Philly for a cheesesteak, visit one of our local sushi joints, or stop at a cafe for a little dessert. Flowers? Sure, I like those, but roses especially die quickly — either I lead them to a swift death by neglecting to provide sufficient water, or the cats swat at the blooms, knocking over the vase within minutes of me putting on a tabletop.

Why is there just one day out of the year to focus on showing your love and devotion to your significant other? I call shenanigans. Because when you get right down to it, it’s not about sentiment, it’s about cents. And dollars.
I suppose the same could be said for other holidays, but at least they have roots in religion (Easter and Christmas) or have a special meaning (Veterans’ Day, Memorial Day). Valentine’s Day? Just a commercialized day aimed at getting people to spend their hard-earned money.

And the onus is on all the men out there to shower their women with presents and fine dining. You don’t really see too many Valentine’s Day-themed gifts for the boys.

Folks, if you want to go out for a nice (but not over-the-top) dinner on Valentine’s Day, I’m all for it. But don’t go just to fulfill the need to show society you haven’t “forgotten” your sweetheart. Same goes for flowers, trinkets and jewelry. Don’t go into hock just to give your honey a pair of diamond earrings when you’ve already got $10,000 in credit card debt.

If you really want to prove your love to me, you’ll keep your money in y(our) bank account and make a nice dinner for two. Although I wouldn’t turn down a small box of chocolates!

7 comments to Valentine’s Day: Money Can’t Buy Me Love

  • Money Funk

    That man better spoil me silly! LOL. just kidding, but the thought is nice. 🙂

    We are having a family Valentines day to go see the movie Valentine's Day and dine on Italian food at Bucca di Beppos. Yum!

    have a great one!

  • RainyDaySaver

    @Patti: Okay, I'll be honest — if it weren't for the cats automatically honing in on the bouquets the minute they're walked through the door, I would enjoy a nice bunch of flowers now and then!

  • Patricia

    I know this is going to sound totally anti-post (but it's not because I don't like the spending aspect) but if it gets him to get me flowers, by all means, bring. them. on. I like flowers – not always roses (AND NEVER LILIES) but if it was up to me, I'd have a flower budget. But do you know what it takes for the man to get me flowers: Valentine's Day and Birthday. So, to that end, I like the Hallmark pressure… for purely selfish reasons. We are, however, cooking at home and enjoying quality time together, like we try to do every weekend. Except, with flowers. 😉

  • RainyDaySaver

    @Alana: Well said.

    @Jessie: Thanks — we don't need a holiday to tell us how we feel, right?

    @Executioner: After this snowstorm, I think *we* could go snowshoeing, too. If we could find snowshoes. Enjoy!

  • The Executioner

    My wife and I just spend time together on Valentine's day. This year we are going on a snowshoeing trip.

  • Jessie

    Hear, hear!!

    I second that! Great post!

  • Alana

    As you're well aware, the hubby and I don't celebrate Valentine's Day and never have. We don't believe that we need a specal "holiday" to be reminded to treat each other with love and kindness; we do that everyday. Shenanigans, indeed!