WordPress in the House, and Storm Update

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I spent a good portion of Saturday night moving Rainy-Day Saver over to WordPress (finally!). Goodbye, Blogger. You were easy to work with, but had your limitations. It was a crash course in everything — changing feeds and permalinks, […]

Under Construction: Migrating to WordPress

Please bear with me as I migrate from Blogger hosting to self-hosted WordPress. It’s taking longer than I thought, and I’ll have to reformat my template (I’m sooo not good at this web technical stuff). But as of now, all of the great content is here, so that’s a start!

I hope to have Rainy-Day Saver […]

Don’t Beat Yourself Up Over Spending

A good friend of mine recently told me she felt guilty for spending money on a cute pair of shoes to go with a dress she was wearing to a wedding. She showed them to me — they’re the kind of heels that you can wear with anything!

My friend is not in debt. She’s someone […]

Mortgage Interest Tax Deduction? No, Thanks

I’m going to make a statement that is bound to divide you, dear readers, into two camps: the “Are you crazy?” folks and the “Right on, (wo)man!” people.
Are you ready?

Prepare Your Finances For Vacation

Who doesn’t like going on vacation? Although I’ll admit that laying out money for something that doesn’t last longer than the week you’re away kind of irks me. But it’s the memories and the immediate gratification that I enjoy every time, despite the money I have to pay to get to our travel destination.

It’s important […]

Saturday Link Love: Spring Is in the Air Edition

The temperature jumped up to a balmy 52 degrees here in North Jersey today — our first taste of spring! I did have a bit of a “spend” day, as I got a manicure/pedicure with my BFF and we went out for lunch, followed by a dessert cupcake. We were treated to a view of […]

Fix-It Friday: Know Your IRS Tax Forms

Fix-It Friday is an occasional series that details the projects I’ve done around the house. Check out some past posts here and here.

I’ll admit that doing your taxes isn’t exactly home improvement-related, but the “fixing” part does apply to the “Fix-It Friday” theme today.

My dad, who helped us with our federal taxes this year due […]

Yakezie Challenge Participants

Little House in the Valley had a great idea with posting the Yakezie Challenge participants in a separate blog roll. I’m making this a dedicated link in my navigation bar, so feel free to check out these kick-butt participants!

For those of you who don’t know, the Yakezie Challenge is a cooperative where personal finance bloggers […]

Congratulations to My Pretty Pennies!

Found something great in my blog reader this morning — My Pretty Pennies is officially debt-free! She paid off $13,800 of debt in under three years. She proves that you can eliminate your debt with hard work and perseverance.

Check out her blog post at My Pretty Pennies!

New Blog Look

Surely you’ve noticed that the entire look of Rainy-Day Saver has changed. I hope you’re enjoying the cleaner layout and the new colors. I even redesigned the new header.

However, as my HTML coding skills leave much to be desired, it’s taking longer than I expected to fix everything the way I want it. So if […]

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