Saturday Link Love: Spring Is in the Air Edition

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It’s a beautiful first day of Spring here in the Northeast, and I’ve got a bit of an unintentional garden growing thanks to bulbs left in the soil from the previous owners. I’m not well-versed on my flowers, so I have no idea what’s growing and blooming, but they sure are pretty! I also will be planting some flowers of my own and working on the lawn again this year (see what it looked like last summer). This week, I’m highlighting some of the bests posts from the fine folks in our Yakezie group.

Yakezie Group Roundup

I loved how Little House in the Valley compares borrowing and debt repayment to simple arithmetic — subtraction, to be exact.  Did you know there was another method of subtraction in the early 20th century? I didn’t!

Monevator encourages us to earn more income through thinking positively, rather than associating money with negative things.  Some folks have mental hangups when it comes to money — myself included.

Over at Punch Debt in the Face, Debt Ninja says, “Delay Gratification or Die!” As usual, his illustrations will have you laughing!

A topic near and dear to my heart, mortgage prepayment, is discussed by Elle at Couples Money. There’s also a great netbook giveaway celebrating the blog’s 6-monthaversary (I know, not a word) — check it out!

No one really enjoys not having enough money — but when do you hit bottom and decide you’ve got to start saving? Enemy of Debt says you’ve got to be tired of being broke.

It’s tax season! Ending the Rat Race wonders if you’re ready to file, and offers some practical advice.

RDS on the Web

Out of Debt Again featured Prepare Your Finances for Vacation in her Friday Finds post.

Saving Money Today gave RDS a shout-out in his Link Love post about the Yakezie Challenge.

Eliminate the Muda (love that blog name!)  mentioned Mortgage Interest Tax Deduction? No, Thanks! in a Yakezie Short Carnival.

Carnival Mentions

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