Your Financial Metamorphosis: Change Is Possible

Photo by Mooncat

Some folks have an epiphany when they hear Dave Ramsey or Suze Orman pontificating for the first time:

“Hey, I need to get out from under all this debt!”

This realization is the first step to your financial metamorphosis. Like a catapillar that becomes a beautiful butterfly, you first have to put yourself into a […]

Weekend Link Love

I’m proud to say that Rainy-Day Saver had a lot of great mentions again this week, with The Simple Dollar and Cheap Healthy Good featuring my post on extreme couponing, which inspired a lot of great reader comments. I appreciate the spirited and passionate discussion!

Evan over at My Journey To Millions was kind enough to […]

Finally: Our Tax Refund Has Arrived

I was pleasantly surprised to find that our tax refund had been deposited into our joint checking account the other day. Although we’d forgotten to include the Making Work Pay (Schedule M) credit paperwork, the IRS was kind enough to fix our omission. Now, we don’t have to send an amended return. It was worth the […]

Ask Rainy-Day Saver: Saving for a Down Payment

Occasionally, readers ask me for advice. The first thing I mention is that I am not a professional and that they should really consult a financial adviser before doing anything rash. But when a reader asked me a question about saving for a house, I knew I could help.

Dear RDS: My girlfriend and I want […]

What Happens to Your Debt When You Die?

First, estate planning — now, we’re moving on to what happens to debt when you die. The question was asked by Ally from Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing in the comments section, and I realized that I couldn’t give her an answer without doing some research. So here’s what I’ve learned.

It Depends on Who’s Listed […]

Happy Easter!

I just want to wish my readers a Happy Easter! It’s going to be a glorious spring day here in the Northeast. We’re hosting Easter dinner for the first time ever at our new home, and here’s hoping I don’t screw anything up.

It’s also baseball Opening Day — go Yankees!

Weekend Link Love: Tax Refund Edition

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Why limit link love to just Saturday? Since I rarely post on Sundays, I hereby rename this feature “Weekend Link Love.”

Friday was a wondrous day — our long-awaited tax refund arrived. And the IRS kindly adjusted our tax return to […]

Fix-It Friday: Our Home Improvement Wish List

Fix-It Friday is an occasional series that details the projects I’ve done around the house. Check out some past posts here and here.

Now that the weather is warming up, Mr Saver’s and my thoughts are turning to home improvement. There are so many things we want to do, the list is getting pretty darned long. […]

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