Weekend Link Love

My spending was pretty low this week. I managed to get in two workouts in the past three days. I did skip one day to go to Target with a friend at lunchtime, in the hopes of snagging a new pair of capris or two for $15 each. Unfortunately for my wardrobe (but fortunately for my wallet), none of the capris were flattering — either they were Urkel-pants high on the waist or they fell at a funny part of my leg (do they really need to stop RIGHT at the knee? It looked so weird). I wound up getting Mr. Saver some more disposable razors with the $3 and $4 off coupons I’ve been hoarding. Final cost for an 8-ct and a 4-ct: $9.59. Not bad considering I saved $7 in coupons.

However, I did break down and finally buy a small patio set. Funny, because we don’t have an actual patio! CVS had a 6-piece set (table, four chairs and an umbrella!) for $99. The chairs fold, which will allow us to put the set in the storage space under the back room rather than take up space in the garage. For $99, even if it only lasts 2-3 years, it will be well worth the cost, in my opinion.

Posts That Piqued My Interest

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  • Thanks for the mention, glad I could grab your interest:)

  • Hahhhh! The Urkel pants–you kill me. I came here to thank you for the link love, but got a good laugh.

    Also, a piece of unsolicited advice: on the pants, I used to shop at stores where I could get a pair of capris for $15–but I found that they wrinkle faster, so I wash them more, wear them less and they generally age badly . . I have a pair of jeans that cost me around $100 when I bought them (I admit, it’s kind of pricey). But I’ve owned this pair of jeans for seven years now–which puts the price at $14.30 per year–plus since I love the way the fit etc, I have tended to wear them every weekend . . .which means I don’t have to own as many pairs of extra jeans. I’m going to try to make them last for 10 years but they’re wearing a little thin, and I suspect I’ll see some ripping soon.

  • Hi Nicole,

    Thanks for the mention, I appreciate it!