Weekend Link Love: Tax Refund Edition

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Why limit link love to just Saturday? Since I rarely post on Sundays, I hereby rename this feature “Weekend Link Love.”

Friday was a wondrous day — our long-awaited tax refund arrived. And the IRS kindly adjusted our tax return to include our missed “Making Work Pay” tax credits, to the tune of $400 for each of us. Somehow, we also got another $210 on top of that, but hey, it’s all good.

We’re going to enjoy a beautiful Easter weekend and fill up on antipasto, ham and all the fixins. Then it’s back to work on Monday after having Thursday and Friday off. Happy Easter — don’t eat too much candy!

Posts That Piqued My Interest

7 Actions for Financial Spring Cleaning at Personal Finance Journey gives some great tips for getting your finances in order.

Buying Groceries In Bulk: The Hidden Dangers at Christian PF talks about whether it’s smart to snap up all that food at once.

People Behind the Clutter by Girl With the Red Balloon examines the emotional ties to stuff, and what she did when given a vase.

Stop Wasting Time & Start Clipping Coupons! at Fiscal Fizzle talks about a topic dear to my heart. I’m all for clipping coupons!

What’s the Real Cost of Your Credit Cards? at Consumer Boomer looks at the financial — and emotional — costs.

Did Your Raise Suck This Year? Mine Kinda Did at Darwin’s Finance talks about the average raise being 2.8% in 2010, the lowest in 25 years. (Raise? What’s that? Plus, our healthcare costs went up.)


Carnivals and Roundups

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