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Well, I did it. Paid off the last of our original credit card debt, in two major installments in the past two months. Payment goes out on Friday. That just leaves us with $1000 on the other card (the one we first paid off in February) for our upcoming vacation at the end of June. That will be done with by the end of the month.

Since last June, we’ve paid off four credit cards (two of Mr. Saver’s; two of mine) even though we’d been using them a bit in the meantime. We started with about $6,500 in total credit card debt between the two of us, neatly split between Mr. Saver’s previous balances and some costs associated with our wedding last April.

I know there are a lot of folks who throw much more money at their debt and would have it paid off faster, but considering we bought a house last June with 20% down, I think our progress was pretty good. A 1.99% promotional rate for six months helped cut down our interest payments. We paid off the two highest-interest cards first, then tackled the lower ones. I’ll be ecstatic in another two weeks, when the last $1,000 is finished off for good and we can put the nearly $800/month straight into our savings account.

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