ING Direct, Ally, SmartyPig: Which Online Bank to Use?

I’m still dragging my heels on moving a good portion of our savings to an online bank, where I can get better interest rates while not tying it up in a CD. So far, I’ve been all talk and no action. But I’m ready to change that in the next few days.

Our brick-and-mortar bank is […]

Saving Money on My Commute

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Every day, I drive an extra 10 miles out of my way to and from work. Yet, I save money and time. How is that possible?

First off, the highways in North Jersey are highly congested messes during “rush hour,” which really lasts from 6:30 am to 10 am, especially when […]

Giveaway! Rainy-Day Saver Turns 2

Rainy-Day Saver is turning 2 years old this month! This blog began as an outlet for my personal ramblings about money, finance and frugality and¬†has blossomed into a wonderful community. I’m humbled that there are those of you who keep coming back to read posts day after day, and others who make the occasional forays […]

Can You Reject an Interest Rate Increase on a Credit Card?

Recently, more and more friends, family members and co-workers have been turning to me with their financial questions. Sometimes it’s just a simple query that I can answer with a fact; other times, it’s straight-out financial advice they’re seeking. While I’m honored, it’s not like I’m a financial professional — or a millionaire. In fact, […]

Credit Card is Paid Off / Midweek Link Love

Well, I did it. Paid off the last of our original credit card debt, in two major installments in the past two months. Payment goes out on Friday. That just leaves us with $1000 on the other card (the one we first paid off in February) for our upcoming vacation at the end of June. […]

Our Whirlpool Washing Machine Could Be a Goner

The following is a sponsored post.

Our washing machine has been going on the fritz again. We were beyond lucky that we got the previous homeowner to include the washer and dryer in the sale, but they’re both older Whirlpool models — if I had to guess, the washer is about 20 years old and […]

Trying to Save $1 Million? Outside Influences May Slow You Down

Since I’ve been a bit MIA lately when it comes to visiting some of my favorite personal finance blogs, I took some time on Sunday evening to catch up. A comment on one blog post that discussed how living below your means allows you to save more money (sound, sound advice) struck me — the […]

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