Weekend Link Love: Yakezie Edition

Hi, everyone — it’s been another busy few days in the Rainy-Day Saver household, but I’d like to share some great reads from the past week. This time, I’m highlighting posts by members of the Yakezie Challenge group, a loose collective of personal finance blogs that are striving to produce great content and support each other.

Pay Off Credit Card Debt Fast at Learn Save Invest

The Hitchhiker’s Guide To Dealing With Financial Catastrophe at Eliminate the Muda

You Know You’re a PFer When… at Punch Debt in the Face

Dave Ramsey’s 7 Baby Steps: Step 1 – $1000 To Start A Baby Emergency Fund at Smart on Money

How I Saved $355 in Ten Minutes at Money Crush

Improve Your Credit Rating In 5 Easy Steps at Canadian Finance Blog

5 Reasons to Ask your Spouse for a Money Date at The Centsible Life

Rainy-Day Saver Around the Web 

Many thanks to Saving Money Today, Budgets Are the New Black and Frugal Zeitgeist for highlighting Rainy-Day Saver’s 2nd Anniversary Giveaway this week.

Out of Debt Again and Money Reasons included Saving Money on My Commute in their weekly roundups.

Tomorrow on Rainy-Day Saver

I’ll announce the winners of our 2-Year Anniversary Giveaway!

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