Carnival of Personal Finance #260: Forces of Nature Edition

Welcome, readers and new visitors! This is my first time hosting the Carnival of Personal Finance, and I hope you enjoy the great reads that are featured here at Rainy-Day Saver this week.

Since my area was under an unheard-of tornado watch most of Sunday, it got me to thinking about how powerful (and beautiful) the weather can be — tornadoes, hurricanes, lightning, earthquakes, blizzards, rainbows — the world gets a little of everything.

Use these powerful photos to encourage you to become your own force of nature when it comes to saving money, eliminating debt and managing your finances!


Jackie from MoneyCrush explains the tax advantages and long-term benefits of investing in your employer’s 401(k) plan in Yes, You CAN Afford to Contribute to Your 401K. Invest early, and you’ll reap the rewards now AND later.

Dollar-Cost Averaging Takes the Stress Out of Investing by Austin Morgan from Foreigner’s Finances is an excellent explanation of using dollar-cost averaging if you’re just getting started in investing and don’t want to take too much of a hit if the market goes kablooey (again).

Donna Freedman from Surviving and Thriving believes in Frugal materialism — meaning that you don’t have to be a minimalist to be frugal. You can spend your money and enjoy material things, if you do it frugally and smartly. Sell your old stuff and purchase new items with frugal hacks.

Over at ChristianPF, Bob presents My Personal Financial Checklist, outlining a good number of ways he has gotten his financial house in order. It’s a list that everyone can use as a starting point for getting a handle on your money and showing it who’s boss.

Jason from One Money Design talks about Tips for Your Financial Life After College, in which he advocates living modestly and following 10 common-sense points. Establishing yourself in the real world after graduating college takes perseverance and sacrifice — don’t add to your difficulties by creating personal finance woes!

The Great Earthquake of 1906 destroyed most of San Francisco.


Financially Poor: Don’t Miss Out On Easy Savings

Wanderlust Journey: How to Save Money Booking Cruises

Frugal Dad: 10 Disney Vacation Tips and Lessons Learned

NerdWallet Credit Card Watch: Get Paid to Shop at Amazon

In August 2005, Hurricane Katrina pounded the Louisiana coastline. The area has yet to fully recover.


Oblivious Investor: Social Security: A Bond in Your Asset Allocation?

Dividend Growth Investor: A dividend portfolio for the long-term

Dividends Value: 9 Stocks With a Sustainable Dividend

Accumulating Money: What is Forex Arbitrage?

Squirrelers: Is your Nest Egg Large Enough? Calculate the Required Rate of Return

Money Smarts: Should Financial Advisors Disclose Their Commissions?

Investing Thesis:The Role Of Currency In Investment Portfolios

My Dollar Plan: How to Redeem Savings Bonds

Save, Invest, Live: Don’t Mimic Buffett

A Gai Shan Life: What if I don’t invest in my 401(k)?

The Digerati Life: Build A Loan Portfolio With Lending Club

The Smarter Wallet: What Is A 401k Plan? Flaws In The 401k Retirement System

PT Money: Best Online Stock Brokers for Cheap Stock Trading

In 1996, a blizzard paralyzed much of the Northeast, including my home state of New Jersey.


Stumble Forward: Why You Shouldn’t Get A No Equity Home Loan

Hope to Prosper: Having Fun with Finances

Money Management

Free Money Finance: Eight Money Missteps that Can Really Hurt You Financially

Ace of Wealth: How to create and achieve financial goals

Single Guy Money: Do You Need Renters Insurance?

Grow Money: Best Tips for Hiding Cash

Financial Uproar: Now For Something Completely Different

My Wealth Builder: Childhood Money Misperceptions

Go To Retirement: A Reader’s Retirement Plan Success Story

MD from Studenomics: Do You Want To Ruin Your Financial Life by 30? .

Think Your Way To Wealth: 10 Budgeting and Personal Finance Tips for New College Graduates.

On May 3 1999, 66 tornadoes hit Oklahoma — that’s in ONE DAY.


Narrow Bridge: What is Inflation and How Does it Impact Me?

Balance Junkie: Canada: Golden Child or Tag Along Sibling?

Saving Money Today: The Financial Impact of the Superbowl


MoneyMaus: New Neighborhood?

Modern Gal: Preventing a Binge Spending Cascade.

Lightning can be pretty — and dangerous. This is lightning over Oregon’s Columbia River.


The Happy Rock: Into Debt And Out Again – Overcoming $40,000 Of Debt

Good Financial Cents: How To Take Control of Your Finances The Manly Way


Free From Broke: What is a Health Savings Account?

Saving to Invest: 2010 Top High Yield Savings Accounts

One Million and Beyond: Parting Ways with A Money Pit – I’m selling my boat.

Magical Penny: Two Powerful Ways To Stay on Track


Live Real, Now: Prevent Debit Card Scams


Sweating The Big Stuff: Explaining The Tax Brackets

Rainbows are a beautiful, natural phenomenon — and they don’t cause any damage.ย  Here’s one in Hawaii.


Canadian Personal Finance: Self Insured Company Disability Plans

Bargaineering: Best Undergraduate College Degrees

Dinks Finance: Becoming Self-Employed

MORE than Finances: Business Advice – What We Can Learn From Amish Success

But Wait — There’s More!

Provident Planning: Identifying Your Values

Canadian Finance Blog: Buying a Used Car in a Private Sale – Protect Yourself

Budgets Are Sexy: You Can Buy A Lot of Fun, but Happiness is Not For Sale

Wealth Informatics — Financial Freedom Through Information: June is Home Safety Month – Make your home safer with these cheap/free tips

Money Help For Christians Questions To Ask When Dealing With Money Problems in Marriage

The Sun’s Financial Diary: My Experience of Using Twitter to Get Better Customer Service.

The Financial Student: Are There Strings Attached with Monetary Gifts?

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