Freak or Frugalista?

Last night, while washing the crud off the trays from our outdoor grill in the kitchen sink, I accidentally whacked our paper towel holder into the warm, soapy water. It was a brand-new roll of paper towels.

“Shit! Damn it!” I yelled.

Mr. Saver asked what happened, and I told him. He laughed at me and said, “Just put a new roll on.”

This morning, he woke up and as he got ready for work, he was appalled at the sight of a long line of paper towels laid out in the back room, airing dry. Apparently, he was thisclose to tossing them out.

My take on it is that I can use those paper towels now that they’re dry. I rolled them back onto the cardboard insert, and although it doesn’t look very neat, I managed to salvage the roll for future use.

With this instance of money-saving mettle, have I crossed the line from frugal to freak?

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