Manicures and Pedicures At Home

I can’t believe how much money some people spend on their nails — between getting tips (artificial nails wrapped in silk or hardened with acrylic or gel), regular fill-ins, manicures and pedicures, the nails business is booming. In my town, there’s a nail salon on every corner — only to be outnumbered by […]

Carnival of Personal Finance #260: Forces of Nature Edition

Welcome, readers and new visitors! This is my first time hosting the Carnival of Personal Finance, and I hope you enjoy the great reads that are featured here at Rainy-Day Saver this week.

Since my area was under an unheard-of tornado watch most of Sunday, it got me to thinking about how powerful (and beautiful) the […]

Weekend Link Love: Finishing the Drywall Edition

Our upstairs room has been a work in progress since OCTOBER. We’re finally finishing it up today — much of the framing is off-kilter, which ensured that we had to add nailers galore and get creative with our drywall cuts. Then, we hope to find a taper/spackler “with a sense of humor,” as my father […]

Marriage and Managing Finances

Getting married is a big step. There are the emotional issues of joining with another person and pledging to love, cherish and support one another for the rest of your life, through good times and bad.

While you’re sharing your life with someone, you’re also likely sharing finances, too. It can be stressful if you don’t […]

Personal Finance Quirks

Superstitions, quirks, obsessive-compulsive traits. We all have them — right?

Especially when it comes to money.

View some of my dad’s handiwork to the left. One of his personal finance quirks has to do with coins. His kitchen table (which he uses as a desk) has stacks of coins on it. Once the stacks are completed, he’ll […]

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