Weekend Link Love: Finishing the Drywall Edition

Our upstairs room has been a work in progress since OCTOBER. We’re finally finishing it up today — much of the framing is off-kilter, which ensured that we had to add nailers galore and get creative with our drywall cuts. Then, we hope to find a taper/spackler “with a sense of humor,” as my father puts it. Because boy, are there a lot of cuts and joints.

Mr. Saver will be mowing the grass and we’ll spread some more grass seed on the bare spots on our steep front yard grade to see if it will grow this time. We’ll find out if it worked in a few weeks — I’ll have to remember to water it every day, like I did last summer when we first seeded.

Then tonight, it’s time for our bimonthly sushi dinner (the one instance where we treat ourselves to a restaurant meal). Other than that, it will be a no-spend weekend, which is great since we’re going on vacation in a few weeks. I can’t wait, since the past few months have been pretty stress-filled. Mr. Saver and I can definitely use the break.

So join me in finding time to relax this weekend, and check out these fine posts from the past week.

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