Weekend Link Love: Fourth of July Edition

Happy 4th to all of my American readers! What makes this year’s Fourth stand out for me is the fact that for the first time in ages, I’m off on a holiday — but only because it falls on a Sunday. I’ll be back at work tomorrow! But for now, enjoy the weather, the BBQs and the fireworks. Oh, and a few of my favorite posts from the week.

July 4 also marks the end of the first phase of the Yakezie Challenge. I’m thrilled with the Alexa-ranking progress Rainy-Day Saver has made. My goal was to break the 200,000 threshold, and I’ve smashed through that. Peak Alexa ranking was about 96,400. Today, the blog has backslid to 108,211, but I think it’s just a correction (think stock market). It’s still leaps and bounds better than Rainy-Day Saver’s initial ranking of 1.3 million!

Posts that Piqued My Interest

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A Sad Farewell

Mrs. Micah has announced that she’ll no longer be blogging at Finance for a Freelance Life, which was sold to Money Crashers. I encourage all of you to check out her catalog of past posts. We’ll miss you! But she’ll still be offering her fine blog services at BlogCrafted.

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