Utility Deregulation Can Save You Money

For years, utility companies had a monopoly in a number of areas: electricity and gas, finance, transportation and communication. But in the past decade, federal and state governments have chosen to deregulate certain utilities and encourage free market competition. Why wouldn’t you want the freedom to choose which company provides your electricity, especially if the […]

Baby Costs: Saving Up for a Newborn

A wrought-iron crib might be taking things a bit too far, no?

Sounds silly, doesn’t it, to ‘save up’ for a baby? But besides being a life-changing presence in your life, a child comes with tons of expenses. And if you’re planning to get pregnant, it’s very important to talk to your partner about […]

Is Graduate School Worth the Cost?

It used to be that a bachelor’s degree opened up a lot of doors for you. During high school, parents, teachers and guidance counselors all pushed us to go to college and get a degree — if not a four-year school, a two-year community college would do — and who knows, perhaps you’d continue on […]

Car Warranties & Roadside Assistance: Yea or Nay?

This week, I was the unhappy driver of a car that died in the middle of a busy four-lane avenue. After 20-plus miles on the highway, I’d gotten off my exit on the way to work and was motoring along a city street when suddenly the car didn’t want to “go” anymore. Even though my […]

Social Media Revisited: Is It ENCOURAGING Your Productivity?

Well, Mr. Saver and I broke down and got new cell phones, which only cost us $20 for both (with no activation fees). However, we did upgrade to the “lite” data plan, something we’ve never had before, for $10 for each phone line per month. I guess we got tired of seeing all of our […]

Don’t Lose Your Shirt: Back-to-School Savings Tips

Remember when you were a kid, the entire summer seemed to stretch forever? Well, at least until you started seeing and hearing commercials for back-to-school sales. If you were like me, you couldn’t wait to get new supplies like Jansport backpacks, Trapper Keepers, notebooks, Lisa Frank folders, pens and pencils (okay, I’m dating myself here […]

Take Control of Your Finances — Today!

Yes, you can take control of your finances. No matter how out of control your debt has spiraled, or how high your interest rates are, or how much you still owe on your school loans. It IS possible. But you have to take the first step and actually do something about it.

The personal finance […]

Avoid These Car Dealership Tricks and Scams

Next to a home, a car might be the second-most expensive purchase you ever make. When I bought my car new more than 6 years ago, I was lucky in that my father had been dealing with the same salesperson and dealership for nearly 15 years (RIP, Pontiac!). But even if you think you can […]

Make Money Freelancing — Through Networking

No matter what your field, if you want to become a freelancer, you can’t just wait for the jobs to come to you. You’ve got to market yourself and get on potential clients’ radars. How will they know you have a skill that may be of use to them if you don’t?

It’s all about […]