Investing for Baby

One of the bazillion (yes, I made that up) things I’ve been thinking about is what financial steps we should be taking to prepare for our baby. We’ve already made the obvious choice of spending less and saving more now while I’m pregnant, but we were pretty good savers before, too. But I know there […]

Balance Transfer Fees Increasing

I remember the good old days when not only did I get tons of credit card balance transfer offers with 0% or 1.9% percent interest rates, but there was no balance transfer fee, either! Now I’m seeing few reduced-interest-rate offers, and most will cost consumers 3%, 4% or even 5% in fees based on the […]

Generic Drugs vs. Name-Brand Prescription Drugs

When I switched endocrinologists, my new doctor wasn’t happy to see I was taking the generic version of Synthroid, called levothyroxine, to treat my Hashimoto’s thyroiditis autoimmune disease. We discussed how my previous endocrinologist didn’t seem to mind, as he’d checked off the “allow generic substitution” on the prescription, which allowed my pharmacy to fill […]

Body Ink: Are Tattoos Worth the Cost?

Playing off the theme of last week’s blog, “Why Do Spend Money on Intangible Things?” I present to you, dear readers, another thought: I think tattoos are a waste of money… and that’s coming from someone who has one. Just one. And not a tramp stamp, thank-you-very-much. While I am happy with my tattoo and […]

Don’t Be a Hoarder — Declutter Your Home

After watching the A&E show Hoarders with Mr. Saver the other night, I took a look around our house to make sure we weren’t holding on to anything we didn’t need in the hopes that we’ll use it “later.” These people had piles of magazines, papers and just stuff they had no use for. Broken […]

Why Do We Spend Money on Intangible Things?

Smoking, drinking and gambling — a lot of money gets spent on these intangible things. They’re alternately defined as hobbies and addictions, depending on who you talk to. You don’t really “get” anything by spending money on cigarettes or alcohol, except trouble in the form of illness, cancer, lost nights and possibly lost relationships. Sure, […]

Cut Down on Heating Bills With These Tips

In the summer, homeowners and renters who pay their own utility (gas & electric) bills do their damnedest to keep down their electrical costs by running the air conditioning less often. While I’m guilty of keeping the air conditioning off as much as I can, instead of just sitting there, sweltering, I’ve taken other steps […]

How to Build Up Credit When You Don’t Have Credit History

While some people have too many of those plastic devils — better known as credit cards — at their disposal, there are others who don’t have any. And because of their lack of credit history, their credit scores aren’t as high as they’d like, which causes them to be denied major credit cards, auto loans […]

Prepare for a Natural Disaster

This week, residents up and down the East Coast (including myself) are worrying about whether we’ll be impacted by Hurricane Earl, which right now is a Category 4 storm with 135 mph winds. Different meteorological models have the storm swerving all over the Atlantic Ocean, but all agree it will come close enough to the […]