Save Money on Formula

Our little puddin'

Hello, faithful readers! I’ve been on hiatus, and for good reason: Our little miracle baby arrived five weeks early, on Groundhog Day! Baby Saver didn’t want to wait and impatiently entered the world weighing 4 lbs., 8 oz. and measuring 17 ¾ inches long.

Because of her prematurity, our pediatrician had […]

Investing for Baby

One of the bazillion (yes, I made that up) things I’ve been thinking about is what financial steps we should be taking to prepare for our baby. We’ve already made the obvious choice of spending less and saving more now while I’m pregnant, but we were pretty good savers before, too. But I know there […]

Baby Costs: Saving Up for a Newborn

A wrought-iron crib might be taking things a bit too far, no?

Sounds silly, doesn’t it, to ‘save up’ for a baby? But besides being a life-changing presence in your life, a child comes with tons of expenses. And if you’re planning to get pregnant, it’s very important to talk to your partner about […]