The Pros and Cons of Online Savings Accounts

This post was written by PT, who blogs about things like savings accounts and the best cash-back credit cards on his blog, PT Money.

I’m a big fan of using online savings accounts to help you save for emergencies or any short-term needs you might have. On the surface, they appear to be just like […]

ING Direct, Ally, SmartyPig: Which Online Bank to Use?

I’m still dragging my heels on moving a good portion of our savings to an online bank, where I can get better interest rates while not tying it up in a CD. So far, I’ve been all talk and no action. But I’m ready to change that in the next few days.

Our brick-and-mortar bank […]

Estate Planning: Get Your Financial House in Order

If you were to pass away suddenly, do your loved ones know your final wishes? Perhaps they know the more morbid stuff, such as whether you want to be buried or cremated (personally, I’d love to be put out to sea on a funeral pyre on a Viking ship, a la Rocket Gilbraltar). But what […]