Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year to All

I just wanted to apologize for being MIA lately — I realize I haven’t posted in two weeks, which is probably a record for Rainy-Day Saver. We had a death in the family, and my work schedule this time of year is completely nutty. Toss in being 30 weeks pregnant, and you have a recipe […]

Can You Reject an Interest Rate Increase on a Credit Card?

Recently, more and more friends, family members and co-workers have been turning to me with their financial questions. Sometimes it’s just a simple query that I can answer with a fact; other times, it’s straight-out financial advice they’re seeking. While I’m honored, it’s not like I’m a financial professional — or a millionaire. In fact, […]

Yes, I Am Defined By My Job

By day, I’m a laser-focused copy editor. By night, I’m a writer who spends her free time interviewing local advertisers or punching up dull website copy.

Blogging has also become a “job,” in that I spend some of my free waking moments thinking of new topics to write about and preparing posts for publication.

When […]

WordPress in the House, and Storm Update

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I spent a good portion of Saturday night moving Rainy-Day Saver over to WordPress (finally!). Goodbye, Blogger. You were easy to work with, but had your limitations. It was a crash course in everything — changing feeds and […]