Is Graduate School Worth the Cost?

It used to be that a bachelor’s degree opened up a lot of doors for you. During high school, parents, teachers and guidance counselors all pushed us to go to college and get a degree — if not a four-year school, a two-year community college would do — and who knows, perhaps you’d continue on […]

Don’t Lose Your Shirt: Back-to-School Savings Tips

Remember when you were a kid, the entire summer seemed to stretch forever? Well, at least until you started seeing and hearing commercials for back-to-school sales. If you were like me, you couldn’t wait to get new supplies like Jansport backpacks, Trapper Keepers, notebooks, Lisa Frank folders, pens and pencils (okay, I’m dating myself here […]

The Best Class I Ever Took: Why I’m Glad I Dropped Pre-Calculus

In high school, I was an above-average student. I wasn’t at the tippy-top of the class, but I did manage to graduate 18th out of 238 students, even though I only enrolled in half of the honors and Advanced Placement courses that my peers took. While I wouldn’t advocate this route for my own children, […]

Cuts to Education and Teachers Salaries: Voting Day

Today is Voting Day for education in New Jersey. All day, I’ve seen a steady stream of Facebook statuses from teachers:

… is urging everyone to vote YES on the school budget!!!!!!!!

… a reminder to bloomfield residents…vote! vote yes for Foley field!

… Don’t forget to support our schools and vote yes to pass […]