Be Your Own Consumer Advocate

I’ve never been a fan of getting things you don’t deserve, whether by deception or stealing. But when I purchase a product and it doesn’t live up to my standards, I make it a point to let the company know.

Crappy ways of getting “free” stuff include lying about poor service at a restaurant, returning […]

Balancing Frugality and Fun

When you’re trying to live frugally, it’s hard to get any pleasure out of spending money, since the action goes completely against the grain of your lifestyle. Trust me, I know this from firsthand experience. It pained me to buy maternity clothes (although I was lucky I didn’t have to spend TOO much, as generous […]

Frugality on a First Date: Are Coupons Off-Limits?

How early do you reveal your frugality to a potential boyfriend/girlfriend? I heard an interesting discussion about coupons on a morning radio show the other day. The main gist of it was whether it’s appropriate to use coupons on a first date. Most of the women felt it showed the guy to be cheap — […]

Being Frugal 100% of the Time Isn’t For Me

I will never be someone who makes her own deodorant like Matt at DIYnatural, or who composts like Mrs. Money at Ultimate Money Blog. That means I won’t even attempt to create sunscreen from scratch. And forget about growing vegetables — the flowers I planted last week are already on their last legs thanks to […]