Stocking Up Your Pantry: Yea or Nay?

Frugal Dad‘s How to Stockpile Food for Survival post unintentionally made me giggle. Before reading the full post, I started thinking about the pseudo grocery store that is my in-laws’ basement. Half of the area is comprised of all manner of cabinets — if it could hold food, it was installed. So what they wound […]

Extremely-Frugal Couponing: Do Some People Go Too Far?

I came across this article on, Hard Times Turn Couponing Into an Extreme Sport, which shows a picture of Erin Libranda of Texas, with her haul after she saved more than $1,000 at two supermarkets.

I’m all for getting free stuff. Things like toilet paper and paper towels can don’t spoil, unlike food. But […]