Understanding Your Explanation of Benefits

It can be confusing to understand your Explanation of Benefits (EOB) paperwork when it comes from your health insurer after a medical visit. I know it took me a while to understand mine, especially after this year, when I received a LOT of them in response to my numerous doctor’s visits. An EOB is not […]

Investing for Baby

One of the bazillion (yes, I made that up) things I’ve been thinking about is what financial steps we should be taking to prepare for our baby. We’ve already made the obvious choice of spending less and saving more now while I’m pregnant, but we were pretty good savers before, too. But I know there […]

The Importance of Health Insurance

Yes, this is actually my forearm.

Thank heavens we have great health insurance from Mr. Saver’s employer, because we’ve really been putting it to great use.

I have an autoimmune disease called Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, which manifests itself with symptoms of fatigue, cold intolerance, hair falling out, dry skin, modest weight gain, decreased concentration and […]