When to Refinance Your Mortgage

Mortgage rates continue to be at record lows — as of this writing, the average interest rate on a 30-year fixed home mortgage is 4.26% — so many homeowners are probably thinking about refinancing their home mortgages. Is it worth it? Sure, you’ll see an immediate savings on your monthly mortgage payment, but you have […]

Balance Transfer Fees Increasing

I remember the good old days when not only did I get tons of credit card balance transfer offers with 0% or 1.9% percent interest rates, but there was no balance transfer fee, either! Now I’m seeing few reduced-interest-rate offers, and most will cost consumers 3%, 4% or even 5% in fees based on the […]

Avoid These Car Dealership Tricks and Scams

Next to a home, a car might be the second-most expensive purchase you ever make. When I bought my car new more than 6 years ago, I was lucky in that my father had been dealing with the same salesperson and dealership for nearly 15 years (RIP, Pontiac!). But even if you think you can […]

Capital One “Promotional Rate” Extended

Mr. Saver and I have just returned from our vacation, and while we had a great time with our family and friends, we were very happy to be back home in familiar surroundings (and with our two kitties).

I came home to a stack of mail. Wedged between the bills and the junk mail was […]

Can You Reject an Interest Rate Increase on a Credit Card?

Recently, more and more friends, family members and co-workers have been turning to me with their financial questions. Sometimes it’s just a simple query that I can answer with a fact; other times, it’s straight-out financial advice they’re seeking. While I’m honored, it’s not like I’m a financial professional — or a millionaire. In fact, […]