Weekend Link Love: Wedding Edition

Love is in the air! Lots of weddings going on lately — Mr. Saver and I are heading to yet another one today, his cousin is tying the knot in Central Jersey. So we’re going to splurge and stay overnight at a local hotel (and likely continue the celebration into the wee hours, knowing his […]

Weekend Link Love: Fourth of July Edition

Happy 4th to all of my American readers! What makes this year’s Fourth stand out for me is the fact that for the first time in ages, I’m off on a holiday — but only because it falls on a Sunday. I’ll be back at work tomorrow! But for now, enjoy the weather, the BBQs […]

(Belated) Weekend Link Love

My weekend got away from me — we had an engagement party and a wedding one state over, and coupled with the time spent tackling home improvement projects, I didn’t get a chance to highlight some great posts from the past week, until now.

Posts that Piqued My Interest

Are you deprived or just smart […]

Carnival of Personal Finance #260: Forces of Nature Edition

Welcome, readers and new visitors! This is my first time hosting the Carnival of Personal Finance, and I hope you enjoy the great reads that are featured here at Rainy-Day Saver this week.

Since my area was under an unheard-of tornado watch most of Sunday, it got me to thinking about how powerful (and beautiful) […]

Weekend Link Love: Finishing the Drywall Edition

Our upstairs room has been a work in progress since OCTOBER. We’re finally finishing it up today — much of the framing is off-kilter, which ensured that we had to add nailers galore and get creative with our drywall cuts. Then, we hope to find a taper/spackler “with a sense of humor,” as my father […]

Weekend Link Love: Memorial Day Edition

It’s Memorial Day once again. I hope most of you have the day off and can take a few minutes to reflect on those who served our country in both peacetime and war, and give them your thanks. As usual, I will be working today (Holidays? What are those?), but I wanted to leave […]

Weekend Link Love: Yakezie Edition

Hi, everyone — it’s been another busy few days in the Rainy-Day Saver household, but I’d like to share some great reads from the past week. This time, I’m highlighting posts by members of the Yakezie Challenge group, a loose collective of personal finance blogs that are striving to produce great content and support each […]

Credit Card is Paid Off / Midweek Link Love

Well, I did it. Paid off the last of our original credit card debt, in two major installments in the past two months. Payment goes out on Friday. That just leaves us with $1000 on the other card (the one we first paid off in February) for our upcoming vacation at the end of June. […]

Weekend Link Love

My spending was pretty low this week. I managed to get in two workouts in the past three days. I did skip one day to go to Target with a friend at lunchtime, in the hopes of snagging a new pair of capris or two for $15 each. Unfortunately for my wardrobe (but fortunately for […]

Weekend Link Love: Untitled Edition

I’m proud to say that Rainy-Day Saver had a lot of great mentions again this week, with The Simple Dollar and Cheap Healthy Good featuring my post on extreme couponing, which inspired a lot of great reader comments. I appreciate the spirited and passionate discussion!

Evan over at My Journey To Millions was kind enough […]