Utility Deregulation Can Save You Money

For years, utility companies had a monopoly in a number of areas: electricity and gas, finance, transportation and communication. But in the past decade, federal and state governments have chosen to deregulate certain utilities and encourage free market competition. Why wouldn’t you want the freedom to choose which company provides your electricity, especially if the […]

Baby Costs: Saving Up for a Newborn

A wrought-iron crib might be taking things a bit too far, no?

Sounds silly, doesn’t it, to ‘save up’ for a baby? But besides being a life-changing presence in your life, a child comes with tons of expenses. And if you’re planning to get pregnant, it’s very important to talk to your partner about […]

Don’t Lose Your Shirt: Back-to-School Savings Tips

Remember when you were a kid, the entire summer seemed to stretch forever? Well, at least until you started seeing and hearing commercials for back-to-school sales. If you were like me, you couldn’t wait to get new supplies like Jansport backpacks, Trapper Keepers, notebooks, Lisa Frank folders, pens and pencils (okay, I’m dating myself here […]

2010 Is a Good Year To Die — If You’re Rich

As a lifelong Yankees fan, I was saddened that we lost two members of the organization this week: longtime stadium announcer Bob Sheppard and Yankees majority owner George Steinbrenner.

Love him or hate him, Steinbrenner just wanted to win — at any cost. The Yankees have the highest payroll of any team, thanks to his […]