America’s “Throw-away Society” — What a Waste

My car looks like this, but without the RAM air vents and the tinted windows.

I get as much use out of things as I can. I cut Brillo pads in half, mend holes my socks and salvage rolls of paper towels that fall into the sink. My husband just laughs at me. And […]

Kindle 3 vs. Nook Color: Yes, I Want an E-Reader

For someone who likes to think she doesn’t need a lot of material things, I sure like my gadgets. The past few Christmases, I’ve been lucky enough to receive a Nintendo DS, digital camera and a video iPod. While to many people, these aren’t exactly state-of-the-art electronics anymore — more a part of everyday life […]

Body Ink: Are Tattoos Worth the Cost?

Playing off the theme of last week’s blog, “Why Do Spend Money on Intangible Things?” I present to you, dear readers, another thought: I think tattoos are a waste of money… and that’s coming from someone who has one. Just one. And not a tramp stamp, thank-you-very-much. While I am happy with my tattoo and […]

Why Do We Spend Money on Intangible Things?

Smoking, drinking and gambling — a lot of money gets spent on these intangible things. They’re alternately defined as hobbies and addictions, depending on who you talk to. You don’t really “get” anything by spending money on cigarettes or alcohol, except trouble in the form of illness, cancer, lost nights and possibly lost relationships. Sure, […]

Runaway Spending: How I Lost My Grip on Our Finances

Although I’ve been trying to keep a firm grip on our finances, I feel like both Mr. Saver and I have let our spending get out of hand.

Just today we went to Kohl’s to get Mr. Saver some new summer clothes that would serve him well for our upcoming vacation to Las Vegas. We […]