Personality and Success (or Failure)

There’s a creepy guy in our office building at work who has been regularly freaking us out for a few years now. All we know is that he doesn’t work in our company. He has some strange habits, not the least of which is a staring problem. For example, if you’re walking up the stairs […]

Saving Money on My Commute

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Every day, I drive an extra 10 miles out of my way to and from work. Yet, I save money and time. How is that possible?

First off, the highways in North Jersey are highly congested messes during “rush hour,” which really lasts from 6:30 am to 10 […]

Yes, I Am Defined By My Job

By day, I’m a laser-focused copy editor. By night, I’m a writer who spends her free time interviewing local advertisers or punching up dull website copy.

Blogging has also become a “job,” in that I spend some of my free waking moments thinking of new topics to write about and preparing posts for publication.

When […]